Email Marketing

Choose smart marketing tactics. Choose us.

VLMS will partner with you to run the entire email campaign, specially designed for your audience. You just need to define your audience and from then onwards, VLMS takes the guard to execute the complete lifecycle of the email campaign. We empower our clients with the largest in-house database currently available in the market.
Complete Management of Email Campaign
  • We help you in understanding the customers who you are emailing.
  • We guide you throughout the journey of marketing campaigns.
  • We assist in outlining emails that will be a part of your marketing.
  • We coordinate with you to deliver the best subject lines.
  • We frame the entire copy that suits your prospects.
  • Before starting, we test run the emails to check whether they are opening on all smart gadgets or not.

Laying down the foundation - We look at all the previous email campaigns and records to understand your business’s value proposition. This will help us in figuring out new methods for you so that you can nurture your leads.

Framing marketing strategies - We supply a blueprint of the marketing campaign that will be seeded to realize the existing goals. After this, we offer a complete roadmap for your business backed with a data-driven strategy.

Building the campaigns - We have a dedicated team that understands how to target B2B customers and utilizes out-of-the-box methods to maximize your ROI.

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Email Marketing

Developing an Effective Email Campaign

We have many tricks up our sleeves. Even if you are starting off and do not know how to carry out email marketing, we have the right tools just for you. We always carry out strategies that are backed by our reliable in-house B2B database. We help our clients to build a memorable experience every time, the target audience reads the mail. Thus, we deliver email marketing services in the form of :

  • Welcome Emails.
  • Promotional/Service Emails.
  • Drip Campaigns.
  • Email Newsletters.
  • Triggered Email Campaigns.
  • Re-engagement Campaigns.
  • Landing-Page Optimization Services.
  • Email List-building & Email List Management.

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